About us

The Institut Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia is a high school located at Av. Generalitat, 30, in Sant Joan Despí, in the area of Baix Llobregat. Our history goes back to more than 30 years, as we have been providing education since 1977/78.

Over all these years we have been settled in three different buildings:

  • up to year 1979/80 we were in 'La Masia' de Can Oliver;
  • in the summer of 1980 we moved to J.F. Kennedy location;
  • nowadays our school is located at Avinguda de la Generalitat, 30, really close to the public swimming-pool.

We see education as an integral interactive process aimed at developing all the aptitudes and skills of our students, either cognitive, motor, or relational as well as those involving decision-making and building a sense of citizenship.

We foster everyone's participation in the school with an attitude of dialogue, respect, critical thinking and corresponsibility. We always have in mind that the school is a good place of life learning.

We assume diversity, either on personal or cultural grounds, and we seek to avoid diversity as a reason of discrimination. As a school, we need to accept that diversity is something real, natural, and positive, so that we can promote comprehension and tolerance towards it.

Coeducation is another of our principles and we understand it as the process of educating people towards equality, having no sense of discrimination. We cater for our boys and girls having the same opportunities in the fields of training, academic and professional orientation, and evaluation, so that they can take part in the activities the school offers with a sense of responsibility and equality.

This non-discriminatory view towards personal and cultural differences is present in all the school actions and especially in the tutorial action. This is key in relation to learning support and student's guidance. We are working to discover and potentiate our students' interests, values and skills and also favour other aspects as self-knowledge, self-esteem, tolerance and respect towards the differences. We also inform our students about the wide range of possibilities and expectations the labour market offers.

A l'Institut Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia impartim ESO, Batxillerat i Cicles Formatius, tant de grau mitjà com de grau superior.

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