Didactic Departments

The heads of the didactic departments, as representatives of their department in the Pedagogical Commission, usually perform the following tasks:

  • Making and tracking of the School Project.
  • Coordinating and writing out the didactic syllabus of the department and the annual report at the end of the school year.
  • Managing the academic activities of the department.
  • Arranging and leading the regular meetings at the department.
  • Coordinating the extraordinary examination sessions or initial level tests, and leading their perfomance and evaluation with the collaboration of the rest of the department teachers.
  • Implementing the didactic syllabus and the evaluation criteria.
  • Dealing with students’ claims at the end of the year, according to the decisions made by the department teachers, and writing out the reports.
  • Managing the facilities, and purchasing the office material and other specific equipment.
  • Fostering teaching evaluation among the teachers of the department.
  • Fostering evaluation of the different department projects and activities.
  • Writing out the minutes and taking care of the department material (films, books, etc).
  • Managing the resources and budget assigned to the department.
  • Checking out the syllabus and making the necessary changes according to students’ needs and diversity.
  • Fostering analysis of students’ performance and research of strategies to improve those.
  • Welcoming and giving support to new teachers into the school and into the department tasks.
  • Managing internal organisation within the department by promoting teamwork and decision-making processes by consensus.

Fostering didactic and methodological innovation and experimentation in their field of study.

Finding solution to the problems that may arise in the department.

Departaments didactics


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