ESO Curriculum

Key Competences

Cross-curricular competences


  • Linguistic and Audiovisual Communication
  • Cultural Awareness and Expression


  • Data Processing and Digital Competence
  • Mathematical Competence
  • Learning to Learn


  • Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship

Competences specifically concerned with co-existence and living in the world:

  • Competence in Knowledge and Interaction with the Physical World
  • Social and Civic Competences

Subjects of 1st, 2nd and 3rd years:

  • Science*
  • Social Studies, Geography and History*
  • Physical Education*
  • Citizenship
  • Art and Design
  • Catalan Language & Literature*
  • Spanish Language & Literature*
  • Modern Foreign Language*
  • Mathematics*
  • Music
  • Technology*
  • Personal, Social and Health Education
  • Religious Education (non-statutory)
  • Other optional subjects

* These subjects must be done by all the students every year over the first three years.

Schools can arrange optional subjects over the first three years. These subjects must include the study of a Second Modern Foreign Language and Classical Culture.


Coursework, which is considered to be an optional subject, is a group assignment of different learning activities. It aims at developing a series of complex competences and checks if these have been attained. Students should be able to relate the key competences from all the subjects to solve questions and problems concerning everyday life.

Coursework can include contents from different subjects and also allows for different schedules.

Coursework is compulsory for all the students every year over the first three years.

Subjects of 4th year:

Compulsory subjects:

  • Social Studies, Geography and History
  • Ethical and Civic Education
  • Physical Education
  • Catalan Language & Literature
  • Spanish Language & Literature)
  • Mathematics
  • Modern Foreign Language
  • Personal, Social and Health Education
  • Religious Education (non-statutory)

Students also have to choose three specific subjects among:

  • Biology and Geology
  • Art and Design
  • Physics and Chemistry
  • Information Technology
  • Latin
  • Music
  • Second Modern Foreign Language
  • Technology

Research Project

Over the 4th year, as an optional subject, students have to do a group work research project. It involves a number of discovery and research activities about a specific topic chosen by each student.